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Ethical risk management services

We have three categories of ethical risk management services, which can meet the needs of your company, depending on the stage it is at.

Gestion de risque - Praxie spécialiste en gestion des risques éthiques

Ethical risk management

For optimal use of your company's resources to achieve your mission


We support our clients in implementing an ethical risk management approach. By integrating with existing procedures, our methodology offers a precise assessment of the ethical risks that the organization could face.


Using our analysis tools, we are able to identify priority ethical risks and comment on the sufficiency and effectiveness of the mitigation measures currently in place.


Our approach is carried out in several stages:


  • Identification of ethical risks specific to the business context

  • Measurement of their potential effects on the company's ability to achieve its mission

  • Analysis of their probability of occurrence

  • Documentation and assessment of the sufficiency and effectiveness of risk mitigation measures beyond the client's tolerance threshold

  • If necessary, recommendations for action plans



An ethical risk management approach helps build business resilience, promotes informed decision-making and ensures long-term stability in an ever-changing business world.


Specialized training in ethics and ethical risk management


Our interactive or pre-recorded training sessions raise participants' awareness of the strategic importance of managing ethical risks within their company. Among other things, they promote the development of their skills in order to be able to identify ethical problems specific to their context, to analyze the effect of these problems on the positive predisposition of stakeholders towards their company and to promote a culture of integrity. Our training is personalized to better meet the specific needs of businesses.


Undertaking training in ethics or ethical risk management improves decision-making, helps maintain a positive work environment, and contributes to maintaining a good reputation with your strategic stakeholders.

Sensibilisation - Praxie spécialiste en gestion des risques éthiques
Prévention - Praxie spécialiste en gestion des risques éthiques


Comprehensive solutions to prevent ethical risks


Whether to implement specific action plans during an ethical risk management process or to respond to more specific needs, we help our clients develop and establish a solid framework with a view to mitigating risks. ethical risks.

  • Communication of requirements: developing or updating a code of ethics, policies, training or other activities aimed at communicating the company's expectations regarding integrity

  • Recognition of integrity: integration of the ethical dimension into the company's recognition practices such as staffing, performance evaluation and remuneration processes.

  • Misconduct detection: implementation of practices aimed at detecting misconduct such as a reporting line, an effective process for managing conflicts of interest or surveys among employees, or even among customers.

  • Punishment of misconduct: Development of a fair and equitable sanction policy.

These different interventions aim to maintain a culture of integrity and prevent misconduct that could affect the positive predisposition that strategic stakeholders have towards the organization.

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