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Ethical risk management

Risk management. Awarness. Prevention.

Praxie is a multidisciplinary and experienced team whose mission is to raise awareness among companies of the importance of ethical risk management. Our goal is to help you achieve your mission and strategic objectives through our simple and adapted approach.


Our mission is clear: to support companies in managing their ethical risks. All with objectivity, rigor, flexibility and pragmatism.

Partners Michel Séguin and Annie Lamarche

Partners Michel Séguin and Annie Lamarche

Products and services

Are ethics one of your concerns? Ethical diagnosis, ethical culture, management of conflicts of interest, policies and code of conduct or training on ethics.

Discover our services:

Risk management

We offer an ethical risk management approach that integrates with your company's existing procedures. We provide an accurate assessment of priority ethical risks and current mitigation measures. Discover our methodology in five steps.


We offer personalized training in ethical risk management to meet the needs of companies. These trainings help develop skills to raise ethical issues, analyze their impact on stakeholders and promote

a culture of integrity.


We provide comprehensive solutions to prevent ethical risks, including communicating ethical requirements, integrating integrity into recognition practices, detecting misconduct, and developing policies fair sanctions.

10th anniversary event

Check out the photos from our 10th anniversary. View the presentation offered here .

Why do business with us?

Since 10 years, our approach has proven itself. Our senior team accompanied by our collaborators will be able to meet all of your needs, in a turnkey service. We will provide you with tangible elements to integrate into your practices. Our prices are very competitive, ask us for a quote!

Our clients

We have worked with over 70 companies since our creation. Our offer works equally well for a large company, a municipality, an SME, a cooperative, etc. Discover some of our satisfied customers:

Client Praxie - ADISQ
Client Praxie - Accueil des immigrants de l'est de Montréal (AIEM)
Client Praxie - Jean-Eudes
Client Praxie - Mallette
Client Praxie - CIMA+
Client Praxie - Desjardins
Client Praxie - Ville de roberval
Client Praxie - Sollio groupe coopératif


Article from

May 16, 2024

Contrat gré à gré: l’ancien PDG du CISSSO blâmé pour un octroi de 107 000$

''Ça soulève des doutes sur l’intégrité du processus, ça c’est définitif. Et encore une fois, ça soulève des doutes sur ce contrat-ci. Puis, ça peut même soulever des doutes sur l’ensemble des contrats qui vont être établis par cette organisation-là.'' Read more

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