Develop and consolidate your business relationships

What is strategic ethics management? It is the ability of an organization to create and maintain the trust and confidence necessary for its success with its strategic partners (employees, customers, government authorities, banking institutions, etc.).


Our practical and concrete approach allows the company to implement realistic and applicable ethics management programs. We intervene at several levels such as: organizational diagnostics, ethical leadership coaching, training, code of ethics development and the development of ethical opinions on specific situations.



Efficient Structure

Roles and responsibilities within a governance structure are not always simple. A good governance structure should contribute to the success of the organization and not add an administrative burden.


Our solutions ensure that we respect the culture and reality of your company. From clarification to the implementation of a governance structure, Praxie can assist you in fostering synergy between the management team and the Board of Directors



Clear Vision

Setting clear and precise objectives that are aligned with your aspirations contributes significantly to the success of your organization. Whether it is to establish a clear and precise action plan to achieve your vision or to mobilize your team and contribute to the development of your organization.


Our methods and tools aim to support you in setting strategic objectives in a realistic way and in line with your needs while ensuring that your corporate culture and identity are respected. Praxie offers a range of services from support in strategic thinking to the determination of the action plan and involvement in the deployment of activities necessary to achieve your objectives.




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